Monday, November 01, 2004


First of all, I have to work today, and I am just really not in the mood. Secondly, the yarn I chose for my boys' hats just isn't working. Thankfully they each have hats to wear, so it's not like they will be hatless, but still! Maybe I will make them scarves instead. We'll see.

It's a rainy, cold day and I would love to just be home, cozy in my house, crocheting away. Instead I will be at the restaurant, serving people food. Normally I like my job, today I just would rather be home. At least I am off tomorrow.

Mr. Blue and I will be going down to Dem party headquarters to help out for election day. I believe we will be calling people, which I am not looking forward to, but anything to help. The thought of Bush winning this election makes my stomach turn. I apologize to any Bush supporters out there, as I respect other people's views and opinions, even if I do not agree.

Any of you with kids who are Nickelodean watchers will understand this: I have the theme from the Miss Spider cartoon running through my head. It is catchy, and I like it, but really, when I am serving someone their burger and fries and singing "Spiders are spinning awaaaay..." it gets a little weird.

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