Sunday, November 07, 2004

Can't sleep

and boy is it fun. The rest of my house is asleep, the only noises are occasional snores, rustling, and coughs. We have an awful cold running through here, Mr. Blue has had it for two weeks now. All weekend plans have been scrapped and we are vegging at home. Hopefully we will all be feeling better very soon.

My hands have been sore, I've worked some on my scarf and I am thinking I will start Abbie and Arenne's ponchos tomorrow. They are too excited about them, reminding me today that lots of other girls wear them at school lol. It's too funny seeing them as kindergartners and being "big girls."

I'd also like to excavate my desk and I need to file the pile of school paperwork listing precariously to the open side of the desk. I have gotten some Christmas shopping for the kiddos done on ebay, this could possibly be the earliest I have started yet. Drew will be getting Thomas the Tank Engine bedding set, and I can finally get my behind in gear and decorate his room. I picked up a Thomas border and some posters awhile back, but in the hopes of moving I hadn't put them up yet. Now that I know we'll be here for another couple years, it's time to put it up. I also found music boxes for my girls. :)

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