Tuesday, November 16, 2004

So I'm still working

on Abbie's poncho, but the more I work on hers, the more I worry that I am going to have to frog and restart Arenne's. I will have to try to get a pic, but one end is wider than the other, as I added stitches on both strips. Blech. I'm worried that if I do frog it, it will ruin the yarn. I think I can sew it together and it will be fine, but it's harder when you are doing two, that will be worn together, the differences will be very obvious then. So far I have decided to continue working on Ab's and then decide. (Which basically means I am just putting off the decision.)


Jenn said...

You are doing an awesome job! They are beautiful! Michelle would like a poncho, and I would like to get one done for Christmas. I found an easy pattern, but need to stop knitting these damn purses! :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Jenn! I want to make purses lol, we'll be switching places soon.