Friday, November 19, 2004

And the poncho saga continues

I have not had NEARLY enough crocheting time lately, so still working on strip #4. I must get them done by this weekend. It is my duty as a crocheter. And as a mom of two little girls who are waiting, not all the way patiently, for them.

Tonight is party night with Big C, he is raring to go, and WILL NOT be held, lest he fall asleep. We are listening to launchcast on yahoo messenger and he is dancing his cute little diapered behind off. My little wildman.

Today I had to go get a copy of the title to my old car that we are trying to sell. As usual, this trip to the DMV was filled with adventure. They couldn't find the title in their system based on my name. I was told to come back with the vin # and license plate #. The problem here is that I had to work today, so I planned on trying to get out of work early to go up before the kids get out of school. WRONG. Today was busy, the other waitress was sick, and the one who filled in could only stay until 12:30. Of course we were then busy, and I didn't get out of there until almost 3. The plan was changed to include carting four kiddos to the DMV. I bribed them with fast food if they were good, and hoped that maybe their presence would help get me in and out faster. On the way there I was very nearly hit by a FedEx truck, backed into by another truck, and had a car take up two spots so that the kids and I had to walk even further. (Said car pulled into both spots right ahead of me, and did not move over even though I was patiently waiting behind them. People are so thoughtful.) We actually made it into the DMV, the kids were pretty well behaved. Turns out that they had to call Des Moines for the title no. and will now have to make a new copy, which will take 5 days. My buyer was coming on Sunday. Scratch that.

Adaptable? Hell yes i am adaptable. With four kids there is not much that goes as planned here. In spite of my adaptability today was enough to shatter what was left of my nerves. I rewarded my well-behaved children with Burger King, complete with Spongebob kids meal toys, drive-thru all the way, treated myself to a latte, and we made it home.

It's a drizzly, rainy day, jammies were put on right away and we settled in for a night of book-reading and game playing, and to top it off some Nemo watching. Now if I can just get this rowdy little one to sleep so I can crochet in peace.

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