Sunday, November 14, 2004

Blah Ha Ha!

So, today my mil came to pick up the munchkins, and I promptly conked out on my couch. I am feeling better today, no more spending half of my day in the bathroom. Yesterday was just tons of fun, I now have the entire bathroom memorized. ManBleu came home with a latte for me-a good, good man. He made dinner for us, the kiddos came home and I graciously allowed him to take over kid duty. Good thing, because the tremors decided to visit, and as usual I was very stiff and achey afterwards. I was also frustrated and down, and I am just pretty much fed up with all of this physical crap. I had planned on doing some mad crocheting and at the very least finishing strip 2, buuuut instead I sat at the computer, and felt sorry for myself because I couldn't get my hands to work.

After a few hours of moping, an M&M/Oreo blizzard, fun on my favorite websites, and a really great conversation with my friend Soop I am feeling better. My hands are working again, so I am redoing the couple rows I had to frog because I missed some stitches, and hoping I can finish strip 2 before I need to get to bed. (I really need to get there now, but I am pretending I don't.)

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