Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sad and numb

Too much sadness, and emotions.

I went to take a nap today, and slept from 3pm to 11pm. My wisdom teeth are moving, again, and of course I think all of this emotion is just draining me. I am getting ready to go back to bed here in a bit.

I am finished with the hat for the Sybermoms auction, and 3/4 done with the scarf. It's so soothing to just sit and crochet, which is mainly what I've been doing today. It's good busy-work. I feel like I am doing something, but I don't have to think, or concentrate.

I have steadily been winding my koolaid yarn into balls, but I tell you, it is a time consuming job. Untangling the mass of yarn is a nightmare at times. I was careful with the red, I kept the skeins separate, but with the rest I didn't worry about it. Apparently I should have. ;)

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