Thursday, January 13, 2005

My bag is getting some

much needed attention!

I spent most of yesterday either working on a scarf, or the poncho for my sister, by the end of the day I was in the mood for something different. I scanned my stash of yarn, mentally went through the list of projects, and then...I saw the forlorn beginnings of my bag, surrounded by skeins ready to be worked with.

So today I am working on my bag. I've also been giving my hands some rest.

It is FREEZING here right now. Sooooo very cold. We did the school run, dropped all the girls off at school and then it was off for coffee and a trip to the store. Brrrrrrrr. I am glad we don't have to go out again until it's time to pick everyone back up. Then its back home, where I will get cozy in my comfy jammies and hopefully make some progress on my bag.

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