Friday, January 14, 2005

Little stitches

I had forgotten how long it takes to crochet something when using a smaller hook and smaller yarn. I've been using bulkier yarns, boucle and homespun, with a size N hook, so my projects have been moving along pretty quickly. The bag is taking a tad bit longer, especially as I want it to be good sized, and once it is felted it will shrink up.

It's more time intesive, but I am LOVING the colors, a blue and green. Doing wide wide stripes on it and I can't wait to see it finished. Hopefully it will felt well for me too.

I'm being spoiled right now, on my in-laws' laptop, with high speed internet, compared to my dial-up I am in HEAVEN right now. I made some changes to my template while I don't have to wait a billion years. Now I need to stop being rude and go be social.

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