Saturday, January 29, 2005

I am so happy

because a coffee place has moved into my neighborhood. With a drive-through. It's a beautiful thing. The coffee is great, it's kismet that their turtle latte is exactly how I like it, AND they are much cheaper. Hooray!

The boys and I had gone in and had fried rolls with chocolate on top, all nice and yummy and warm. The boys would eat and I would crochet. Aaaaahhh. However, now that I have discovered their drive-through, it is much easier to get everything to go and come back home, without having to worry about the boys getting into too much trouble. At least if they break something here, it's already mine.

The kiddos are all playing together, two of them are pets, on a puppy, the other a kitty. One of my girls-a pet owner-is using her aristocratic English voice. Apparently the animals continue to break down their cages and there is much discussion on taking them back to the pet store. (Please do not think this is learned from us, we have only had 2 pets since having children. One, my cat of 13 years, who passed away not long after the girls were born, and our fish Skippy, who also met an untimely end. Even though we kept him up on a high out of reach shelf, I still think it may have just been too much to have that many little people yelling up at him.)

I have been helping out with the joint auction to benefit the tsunami victims on Sybermoms. It's amazing the tremendous amount of work that goes into these auctions, I feel lucky to be able to be involved in this one. I will be posting about the auction, when and where and all of that good stuff, in a later entry. I know I don't have many readers of this little blog, but please come out and support this cause. With over two hundred donations, there are a ton of very cool things to bid on.

As for what I am working on, it's the sets for a fellow Sybermom. I've gotten the two hats finished for the younger girls and am working on the scarf to match one of them. They are turning out very pretty, especially once the fun fur is added. Can't wait to see them all finished, and to see pictures of the kiddos in them!

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