Monday, January 17, 2005


Today Mr. Blue was off work, so I took the girls to school and didn't have to get 5 of us ready, very nice. I needed to head to the yarn store, so while I waited for it to open I stopped for coffee, a donut and a loooong time relaxing and crocheting. Bliss, pure bliss. It was very nice to sit and drink my coffee, work on my felty bag, chat with the coffee shop girls and not have to look at my messy living room or listen to 4 children terrorizing each other.

After I headed out in search of some Homespun for some sets I am making for another Sybermom. She had bid on and won the set I had in the last SM auction, and said her other daughters wanted one too and asked if I sold them. That was a nice ego boost. :) I really like doing the sets, as they work up fairly quickly and turn out so warm and soft. Sadly, one of the colors her daughter chose is nowhere to be found, so we are switching to a different one. And yes folks, that means ANOTHER trip to the yarn store, YEEHAW! Hobby Lobby had 40% off their crochet and knit accessories and pattern books, so I picked up a book of poncho patterns, and some more hooks. I wanted some of the bigger ones, like M, P, and that, which were only to be found in the plastic. I haven't used those before, but there's a first time for everything. Plus, I got the set on sale. I had to resist buying any knitting things, since I still haven't learned how to do it. I did hit the clearance yarn section and pick up some white Lion Cotton and some sock yarn. As if my yarn stash isn't big enough.

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