Friday, February 25, 2011

In yarn news

I've been really into hats lately. I made the hat for my friend Laura, which turned out to be on the large side-its called oversized in the pattern so we were warned. She asked if I could do something to make it a little smaller so I did! I knit an i-cord and weaved it into the band of the hat, and then crocheted a flower to wrap the i-cord around and tie to hold it in place. I am really pleased with how it turned out and hope Laura will be too.

Next I attempted a hat for myself, also in Paton's Bamboo Silk, with the Track Stitch Beret pattern from Red Heart. My yarn was lighter
weight than what the pattern called for, and I used a slightly smaller hook for said yarn, so in spite of making the larger (medium) size instructions
its still a tad small for me. It is perfect for my girls though! Arenne snatched the first one up last night and wore it to school today-which must mean she likes it, and I'll be making another for Abbie next. Here's Arenne in her new hat and a close up of the hat when I finished it.
And a little not yarn news, because he's so cute and I'm a mom so its my job to boast! Drew had his fourth grade vocal concert last week, which was awesome. What was even cooler was that Drew's artwork was chosen for the big slideshow during one of the songs, and was displayed in the hallway outside. Here he is with his reproduction of a famous image:
I'm pretty proud of him and his painting is amazing, he put in a lot of detail and is definitely talented in the artwork department.

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