Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't faint

but this is really two days of posts in a row. Thought I would throw up some yarny type pictures.

Here are Arenne & Abbie modeling the scarves I made them. I intended to have these done for Christmas, but in true me form I didn't finish them until January. I really love how they turned out, except I'm still not sure why one is longer than the other. I call them the asymmetrical scarves as one color is two thirds of the scarf and the other one third. One color of each is a bamboo yarn, the other merino. I made them the same-or so I thought.

Also, can you believe how OLD my girls are?!?! They are 11, will be 12 in April.

This is a bracelet I made using decorative trimming, crocheted and looking quite fancy, modeled by Abbie.

And this is my good friend Laura, who was dressing as a hippie for a work party and needed a headband. I found some decorative trimming and knitted this up. The butterfly is a barrette attached. We (she) did learn that decorative trimming can be itchy, so I will watch out for that with future purchases. I'm really liking how it works up and am looking forward to making some fun stuff for the girls with different kinds of it. This is what lead to the bracelet above.

Hopefully I'll be back to post a few more pictures soon. Sooner at least than 6 months from now!

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