Thursday, February 28, 2008

She's baaack!

The title is what my husband said earlier tonight, as I was getting after the kids for fighting. Followed by "It is so good to not be the only one hollering at them!" LOL the things we celebrate. Yes, I am hollering at my kids again. Well, more like loud whispering as I still don't have much of a voice, but I woke up today and I swear I can actually feel my body healing. Incredible.

The bone pain is wicked, but my mouth is no longer swollen and the pain there is minimal. Especially compared to what it was a day or two ago. My throat is not as sore, and I am able to talk, although it can be hard to hear me. I have some holes in my tongue, a massive one on the side, from the canker sores and still soreness as they are healing, but they are HEALING.

I had a bit more energy today. Not a lot, but it's there and that's what counts. I had an appetite today! I haven't cared about food for DAYS, which for me is shocking. Now I just need to get my mouth healed so I can EAT! Still doing soft foods and soups, nothing spicy or that will aggravate the canker sores, but I'm miles better than I was a few days ago.

I had a blood draw today, hopefully I will get the results when I go in for my shots tomorrow, and I know progress is being made, I can FEEL it.

Incredible. So far no signs of vasculitis returning, I am starting to get my hopes up for remission. I can hardly imagine how I will be with energy. And I should get to keep my hair this round. ;)

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