Monday, February 25, 2008

Optimism is wavering

I know there is a light at the end of this tunnel, but it seems farther and farther away. I now have a cold on top of all this, and as I have no immune system yet this is not good. I already have a hard time doing things with the infections in my mouth, it's like it saps any energy I have to fight that and now a cold and sore throat. The pain in my mouth wakes me up during the night, I cannot wait to have a full night's sleep.

The shots are still no fun, I go for daily visits to the hospital and every other day have my blood drawn and then get the shot. I always need a bandaid because my blood doesn't clot very well. Kind of interesting to see those little things.

It's hard to be told something so huge, like going off the cyclophosphamide, and be so excited to be healthy only to learn that the road to get there is a rough one. I just want to be better.

I'd love to see the white blood count come back higher today, but I'm doubting that with the onset of this cold. I guess we'll see.

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