Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two shots today, very tired

I went and had my two shots. The epogen doesn't burn as much as the neuprogen, so that's good. I treated myself to some matzo ball soup from a great place near the hospital. Soup is my main food right now, as it requires no chewing, although I did have scrambled eggs and toast last night.

I wasn't able to sleep much at all last night or today and am exhausted. Not seeing a lot in the way of side effects, diarrhea and the bones aching is it for now. Opted out of going into work, hopefully tomorrow will be better, especially if the red blood and white blood cells start partying. My bones were really hurting today and I was tempted to call and beg for some sort of pain meds, especially after being awake last night from all the different pains, but I didn't. I'm not sure why exactly. I would be perfectly justified in asking for something, but I hesitate to ask.

My left arm still hurts from the neuprogen yesterday and my right is aching from the two shots today and I would dearly love to sleep for hours, but I'm not going to get my hopes up.

I do have a better perspective today and I know that when my immune system is restored and we can see for sure the vasculitis is in remission I will definitely be celebrating. Maybe that nice dinner the nurse suggested. I am trying to focus on the positive side of all this, that the vasculitis could be in remission and only six months after my ER visit. I keep warning everyone to watch out, if I am in remission and get my energy back they are all in trouble. It's weird to imagine what I will be like WITH energy though, it's been so long since I've had very much of it.

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