Friday, February 22, 2008

Soooo, here is an update and potential good news!

It's been a crazy week and a half for me, whew. One of my sisters bought me a plane ticket to CA to visit her and my other sister and her family and our grandparents. My brother was also out there. I was blown away and it was so good to see them all. My sisters had last seen me in the hospital and right after, I was in pretty rough shape. Since then I have lost almost 40 lbs, I still have my struggles, but I look a lot better.

They were shocked. We surpised my grandparents, we went over for Sunday dinner, they were expecting my brother, I waited outside for them to all get in and then knocked on the door, my grandma opened it, couldn't make a sound she was so surprised and then started screaming My grandpa was sitting there with his mouth open. It was the best, really hilarious and fun.

My little nephew man is growing up, he is 2 and talking in fantastic sentences. We did quite of bit of playing together, and he can now ride his tricycle! I had so much fun out in the warm, beautiful weather seeing all of my family.

Then things got tough. I take it much easier these days than in the past, I have to as I've learned, and this trip was pretty darn relaxing. I had felt a canker sore or two coming on, this turned into 7 canker sores at once, and moved into my gums. Kablaam! I spent the last two days of the trip down for the count, in excruciating pain surviving with ibuprofen, orajel/anbesol, ice packs, and swishing with peroxide. I had an appt already with my doctor, went in and he said "That looks very painful, and very bad." and promptly fixed me up with some great medications for it all. AND he said that he thought this and my recent vomiting episodes could be due to the fact that my vasculitis is under control and now my immune system is being too suppressed. So, Thursday was last day on the cyclophosphamide. I wasn't excpecting this for at least another 6 months. I also found out my white blood cell count was very, very low, so I have to go for shots in the arm to boost that, as well as blood tests every other day.

Finally today I was able to up and actually do things. It has been really, really rough and I've been in and continue to be in a lot of pain, but I keep trying to think that this could be the beginning of me coming off all these meds and potentially living a "normal" life for awhile. So long as the vasculities doesn't come back or flare up.

I know this is incredibly long, but I needed to get on here and post, between as sick as I was, then trying to get everything done, then the trip, and the new sickness I haven't had time for ANYTHING. I am making myself be up and out with my family tonight because I have hated not even being able to talk to them-although that isn't a whole lot easier yet lol. Soon, soon.

Thank God for the bright side.

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