Friday, February 17, 2006

Taking a bit of a break

from the Olympian knitting to work on the magic scarf. Since it is BELOW ZERO and we got a bunch of snow-although not nearly as much as the East Coast had. Still though, with the windchill it is like -23 below zero out there. IT IS REALLY, REALLY COLD AND FREEZING. And then I called my sister in CA who had to rub it in that it is a little cool there at 68 degrees and she is running her a/c in the car. PUNK ASS BRAGGER!

The cold is reaffirming our decision to get our butts to CA, except when my sister had to wait TWO hours at the URGENT care office today. I suppose that could happen here in Iowa, but really not likely unless the Urgent Care doctor also delivers babies or something.

Yeah, that whole warmth thing seems to be winning though.

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