Monday, February 06, 2006

Me, myself, and I

Some rollergirls, a finally quiet house, yarn, and a glass of wine.
Aaaaaaah. I'm having some Dyed-in-the-Wool "unchangeable"
(2003) Delicious, and slightly different, perfect for yarn
girls everywhere.

As a yarney type I was happy to see this wine when a friend
started carrying it in his shop. It's especially great to knit
or crochet while drinking it. Unless, of course, you drink a
lot of it and then it doesn't do a whole lot for whatever
project you happen to be working on. ;)

Because I have a hard time sticking with one or two, or even a
few projects at once I had to cast on another! A shawl from a
Lion Brand pattern, using Wool-Ease Chunky in the same loverly
purply blend as my hat and scarf. This is knitting up quickly,
and I can't wait to have it here to wrap up in when I'm a
little chilly.
I skipped over another shawl type pattern on the site. I
*think* I could do it, but I'm not totally sure and now I am
thinking it could be an excellent project for the Yarn
Olympics. Wheeee! The days are passing quickly and practice
time is dwindling. *chattering teeth biting fingernails*

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