Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Olympic Knitting and a new job!

I'm hoping to sneak in another post here while the kids are occupied. The girls are still playing with their sock babies, after a break to play outside and have dinner, and the boys are pretending to ice skate around the living room. Is it bedtime yet?

(already interrupted to kiss an owie and give a snuggle)

I am still surprised that I got my Olympic Knitting done on time. I am such a procrastinator and usually my eyes are bigger than my stomach (just translate that to knitting somehow) but this time I actually chose a project that was a challenge for me and that I was able to finish. I probably could've done something a little more challenging for me, but you just never know. Especially with me. The hat I made is intended for kamic who is such an example of strength and perservance. She amazes me. Her blog is well, well worth the read, as are her articles. I hope she likes it, and wish there were something more I could do.

In other news, I am rejoining the workforce! I am going back to work full-time, this time for good(at least I hope so anyway.) C-man is going to a really cool daycare, we visit with him tomorrow and he is pretty excited to have his own "school." I start on Monday, and while the job is not terribly exciting, it is involved, I have a lot to learn, and the place I will be working seems really relaxed and nice. I am looking forward to being out of the house again, bringing in some income, and the outside stimulation. Oh and the income. ;)

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Rebecca said...

oh yay for you - i don't think i can even get a J.O.B. again. i just don't play well with others, at least in a work environment - you just can't trust women :D

besides, my kiddos leave enough work for me at the house!