Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My poor little guy is still sick.

I thought this afternoon that he was on the mend, but he commenced with the vomiting and diarrhea again tonight. Poor thing. After my couple Blue Moons last night I ended up being awake most of the night with him. I am very, very tired today and really wishing my other children would crash so I could do the same. I so hope he is able to get some rest tonight and is feeling better tomorrow, poor thing.

On Friday my family-parents, sisters, and bil and I are starting a Biggest Loser thing. We're giving ourselves an incentive and putting money into the pot for the winner. Wheee! I am really not so good at the whole consistent exercising thing-even though I used to be a runner-and am more horrible at not eating stuff that's bad or fatty or whatever. Twelve weeks. Twelve weeks I have to get myself back into shape.

I need to make a plan for how to do it, one that I have a chance of succeeding at. But first I am taking myself out for a nice yummy dinner and not worrying about any of it. I've got to send myself off right!


Emily said...

Poor little guy! Something must be going around. Both S and N are sick around here. I hope he is on the mend soon!

Would you like to borrow a cat for your mouse problem? ;)

Lisa said...

lol! I might I hope your kiddos are better soon too Em.