Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Super Easy Sock Babies

Okay, so the flu has been through here again, and I am way behind in blog reading, especially all of the Knitting Olympics stuff out there, so I am doing a quick post on the sock babies taking over my house.

My five year old came home with a sock baby made in his pre-kindergarten class complete with with its very own blanket, so cute, he is in love and the siblings were VERY jealous. I haven't talked to his teachers about it yet, so I am not sure where to give credit for these, but they are VERY easy and have led to at least one hour of occupied play time for all four of my kiddos. I'd like to say quiet, but I'd mean it in more of a non-fighting sort of way, as the the baby cries are echoing through the house.

I made sock babies for the other three, and then I ran with it, cutting little fabric blankets for each and even more! First it was baby carriers made by tyeing yarn to toilet paper rolls. Then baby cradles! More toilet paper rolls, cut and taped. AND with the scraps BABY BOTTLES! More tape and cardboard.

Now, of course these are very basic, I had thoughts of painting the rolls, or coloring them and many other fantabulous baby ideas but really, it would've put a damper on the fun for my kids. It would've taken to long at the time, they just want to play and with their imaginations those brown toilet paper rolls become much, much more.

I'm sharing here, in case there others like me who have passels o' children and are always happy to find a simple craft that can occupy for hours.

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