Wednesday, February 08, 2006

So I took pictures

but they were really dark and I was way too lazy to retake them or try to lighten them so all you get is text.

I am knitting away on my super easy purple comfy shawl, and SO CLOSE to being finished. I am still undecided on whether I will just be done, or add some sort of crocheted edge to it. I could always add an edge later though, so maybe I'll try it out for a bit first. (Of course you know it will then become one of those things I think about doing but never get around to.)

I also worked a bit on my grandma's bag, as I will need the needles for the KNITTING OLYMPICS! WOOHOOO! I am going to be making a felted hat, my first ever and I am way excited. I had the urge to look for something even more challenging, but then I remembered that I tend to take on too much and maybe I should just stick with the challenge at hand. Afterall, the pattern does involve counting.

I am also obsessed with Crazy Aunt Purl's blog. I've been reading from the beginning and I am absolutely enthralled with her. Hilarious, smart, moving, and just cool. I want to be her when I grow up. For now I will settle for obsessively reading her blog, I'm up to October. p.s She's also a member of Club OCD which makes me even more in awe of her. She's a member of the club! And likes yarn! And cats! And lives in a cute house in CA!

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