Thursday, October 20, 2005

Slumpety slump slump...slump slump.

I am in a yarn slump, sigh. So my job is finished, I am home again, and I have turned into a slovenly piece of mom goo. I am even wearing those yoga pants that we all know are really just sweat pants in disguise. HELP!

I was working on the shrugs, the first one is okay, but I am not that fond of it. The second I am liking a lot, especially as it in Debbie Bliss Alpaca silk, EXCEPT that I am sure I am going to run out of yarn and will need to find a place to order more and I am convinced that I will run into some sort of problem with this.

I need to get going on a certain purse order and I just keeping looking at all that wool and then not actually DOING anything with it.

I also need to clean my house. I've put it off the whole week, except for some light vacuuming and now it's time to pay the piper. So far I have been good about laundry today, that counts for something, right?

I also need to actively search for a new job, which includes moving the old hard drive into this computer. I got so far as disconnecting the old hard drive and then realized I needed to get the screwdriver out and would probably end up contorting into odd positions to get all the screw out. ANNNND I will need to unhook this tower, open it up, jack around in there, and then rehook everything up. Since this is computer related something will end up being wrong so that I will need to unhook and rehook everything again. It wasn't fun getting underneath this desk when I was 40 some pounds lighter, I have no illusions it will be any better now.

If anyone has a magic solution to getting out of a slump like this, or really any sort of slump, please let me know.

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