Saturday, October 22, 2005

Slump what?

The first of the six bags is begun. Woohooo! My crochet hand is smarting a bit, I will perservere in spite of it. Thinking I will knit the next one to give my hand a break.

I have a good lead on a job that is just right on Monday morning, and am working for a friend of ours during the day on Monday. I was also informed that the temp job may open again. How does this happen? One week of slumping, and now jobs coming out of my ears. Let's hope things continue on this fantabulously green path.

Now I will continue with my crocheting and red wine sipping and Law & Order SVU watching. Aaah.


Jennifa said...

I just did the Law & Order SVU watching while knitting...I swear, knitters should just unite and show off how many projects have been completed thanks to ANY of the Law & Order tribe. Can you imagine sending that link to the cast and crew? They're personally responsible for many a Christmas gift!

Lisa said...

No kidding lol. I so need to go over and catch up on your blog, I am way behind on my reading, hope you are feeling well.