Wednesday, October 05, 2005

He's a big kid now.

My youngest child turned 3 today. 3. Where has the time gone? He is my baby and now he is 3 years old. He informed me that he is a big kid now. It's so hard to believe.

Today has been bittersweet, and not just because my little one is growing up. This was the first birthday of any of my children that I wasn't there for-I've always been able to be off for the entire day. Colin had a really great day, and I know he won't remember that I wasn't here all day but it still makes me sad. I did have a good morning with my hilarious little guy, and he had a great birthday and that what's important.

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GI said...

Happy Birthday to your big "little" guy!!!
It sucks when they have to grow up, huh?