Friday, October 14, 2005

Home again, aaaaah.

First, my husband rocks. He cleaned out and threw away a bunch of junk, and he and his mom painted the kids' rooms. The boys have blue walls, the girls a glowing pink room. It was all very nice to come home to. The plan now is to do some stamps on the wall with the kids help.

It was sad to leave CA, but I am so happy to be home. The kids were hilariously excited when I came home and I was in heaven with all the hugs. Arenne lost her first tooth while I was gone and proudly showed off her much anticipated gap.

Now, for the sad news. Yesterday was my last day of work. Yes folks, I came back from vacation to work one last day. I am so sad it's done and will really miss it. Now I am on a job hunt, as we have great, affordable childcare and Col would be very disappointed to not be going anymore. Before I had a job and no childcare, now I have the childcare and no job. Hopefully I can find something I will love, or at least like a bit, very soon.

While in CA I made a gorgeous, easy scarfy shawl thing for one of my sisters, and have another in the works for the other. I also finished Jen's felted purse and made a cute little pumpkin hat for my WAY TOO CUTE nephew. I will try to get pics up soon.

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