Friday, May 20, 2005

Still plugging away

at the i-cord for the felted little girl bag. It's been tricky getting used to smaller needles, I haven't even used small crochet hooks for awhile. It is much easier to make an i-cord than I expected, thank goodness.

This week has been crazy with Drew finishing up preschool on Wednesday, and Abbie & Arenne finishing next week. All sorts of end of school things happening. Drew had his last day of school picnic on Wed., we had such a good time. Sack lunches, playground, and lots of games. He and I did the sack race together, and I won the moms sack race-who would've thought? lol Summer is coming fast, this school year just flew by! Abs and Ari will meet their first grade teachers next week-FIRST GRADE! *faints* This is the first time they will be in separate classes. So far they seem okay with this, I hope it stays that way. I picked up some workbooks for the kids to do over the summer, and some refills for our craft closet, thanks to our brand new Dollar General store here. Movin' on up baby. ;)

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