Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Having a flare right now, but hopefully on the end of it. I've been in a lot of pain and not getting much done, including crocheting or blogging, and those are the fun things! I have been working on the cloches, and finished the second little man set, it turned out very cute. The cloches work up quickly, but it's been tough finding time to work on them when my hands are actually working.

My plan for this evening was to get my kids to bed early-oh yes, laugh away, it went as you'd expect, the youngest is still awake on my lap and his sisters think I don't know they are still awake-and get some crocheting done. Mr. Blue is off helping out a friend and tonight would be perfect to have a nice, quiet night with my yarn. Apparently the kids had other plans.

I can't wait to get started on my nephew projects-the sweater and star blankie-especially since his birth is impending! After the next two weeks she's been given the go. I am so excited, but also a little sad that I am here in Iowa and she is out in California.

I had forgotten to post about the Mother's Day shock I got. Mr. Blue is notoriously terrible with gifts. For years he would get so worried about it he would end up getting nothing and then feeling bad about it, in spite of my assurances that I don't NEED gifts. (Don't get me wrong, gifts are great, but I'd rather have a happy husband than a miserable one.) He finally understood that I was serious when I said it's the thought that counts and began making cakes, favorite dinners, etc. He is also horrible with surprises, he gets so excited he ends up saying too much and giving them away. So, for Mother's Day he said he had a plan for what to get me and proceeded to spill many details. I was convinced I was getting a Dyson vacuum, we'd talked about getting one. I was happy about this because I have four children and a bling vacuum would rock my socks off.

Imagine my amazement when Mr. Blue and the children presented me with an IPOD MINI! *faints for the gazillionth time* I had mentioned wanting an mp3 player, and this is what the man came up with. Holy Moly. It seems like way too much of a gift, but he was so excited about it and it really is way cool.

The point to that long-ass story is that I can now attempt to make one of those fun little Ipod Cozies! Oh, and that Mr. Blue appears to be no longer notoriously horrible with gifts. Well then!


Jennifa said...

That's a really great gift! I don't think I've read this before, what kind of flare up? Arthritis?

Lisa said...

I have fibromyalgia and something else that can't figure out lol. Thanks for asking, hope the hospital is treating you well!