Monday, May 30, 2005

A looong weekend

I know it's memorial day, but this year I am having a hard time thinking about it. I just can't this year. It's selfish, but it's how I feel. :(

We've had a sort of relaxed weekend, which is always nice. I haven't knitted or crocheted at all today! Please don't faint. Please. I will probably pick up the poncho here in a bit, while I watch Operation Homecoming.

Today the kids and I lugged out all the lawn chairs and things from the yucky garage. It so needs a MAJOR cleaning out-much like the house. Then everything was sprayed and scrubbed and sprayed again and now it's drying on the back patio. It will be so nice to be able to sit outside again while the kids play, especially since Colin is big enough to play and I can even do some crocheting or knitting while they do. I am so excited for summer. Warm weather, sprinklers, grass in between my toes, sigh.

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