Friday, May 13, 2005


While I am a big fan of the color blue, the old blog was seeming dark to me, especially with spring struggling to hit the midwest. I am not all that web design savvy and got completely overwhelmed looking at outside templates, so back to this one I went. Someday I will also get some new pictures up, I know they are much more exciting than this.

The cloches continue. I am almost finished-you can expect a picture of these. I did a baby size one and it seems incredibly tiny to me-AWWW! I am trying not to be distracted by any new projects. MUST stay on task!

Mr. Blue and I are trying to escape tonight, although with four children this is usually better accomplished with early planning. Since we are last minute we're running into some snags. The current plan is to take the whole family out to dinner and then the kids over to Mr. Blue's brother's for a sleepover. The added benefit of this is an ENTIRE MORNING TO OURSELVES! Please, don't faint, I'm out of smelling salts. I am so excited by the prospect of sleeping in that I will probably wake up at the crack of dawn for absolutely no reason at all. Yippee! We had wanted to go see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but it may not happen with the current plan. (I've just now realized I haven't even checked to see if it is showing anywhere here or when, that could be useful.)

We've had three rainy, thunderstormy days here, and while I really do enjoy the grey days, I am ready for some sun. It's trying to peek through right now, but the thunderclouds are close behind.

Last night I got to try a Belgian beer, Delirium Nocturnum. (I really should find a link for you, but I am too lazy.) It was FABULOUS! It should be, as it sells for about $5 a bottle. With an alcohol content of 8.5% it kind of evens itself out though. We are fortunate to have a friend opening a liquor store, so we benefit by getting to try new beers and wines with him. If he tried them all he'd be too drunk to open said store. We also have a massive bottle of another type of beer from the same company/brewery?. It's packaged in a bottle similar to a wine bottle, which had me all sorts of confused. I kept asking, well is it wine? It's beer? Well, it looks like wine, oohhhh so it's like a Belgian forty? Poor Mr. Blue, saddled with such an uncultured girl. And really, forty? I live in Iowa for crying out loud.


Venus said...


I found you links you slacker. LOL

Lisa said...

lol, as if me being a slacker is something new, pshaw!