Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Nail polish, clutter, and yarn yearnings.

I am holding Big C as he conks out for his afternoon nap and realize that on one foot his toes are painted. In little girl sparkly pink nailpolish. Apparently yesterday when Arenne was told NOT to even think about painting his nails she already had. Instead of heading it off, I merely interrupted it. Before you go thinking that the six year olds are allowed free access to nail polish, realize this was a once in a long time deal where I actually allowed them to paint their own nails. There goes that one for awhile again.

We are settling in nicely post-vacation. Abs had a sick day yesterday, she threw up the night before, but was feeling better by the afternoon. Her illness mysteriously reappeared last night when it was time to clean up the toys. It's almost scary how much that kid is like me as a child. I am trying to find a new routine, amid all the catching up and Mr. Blue's shift change. Today is supposed to be a laundry/clean up the living room day(wow that sounds organized) and I was really on a roll, but now all I can think about is taking a nap. Coffee keep me going. I have so much crap to go through, and I really should do it while my hoarding self is in the mood to throw things away.

I started another baby toque today, for the Sybermoms Strollers auction. This is the first thing I have crocheted for THREE WHOLE DAYS. THREE WHOLE DAYS! Can you believe that? It's shocking. I was finding myself lovingly stroking my different yarns, gazing at them wistfully while a quiet tear slowly slid down my face. Sad, really.


Jennifa said...

LOL, the poor boy! That's cute though. You'll enjoy telling them that story when they're older, that's for sure.

Lisa said...

No kidding lol. Maybe if they have kids someday, it will be one of those good payback sort of stories.