Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What a tremendous gift. My grandma (my mom's mom) had told me she had some knitting stuff she wanted to give me, as she doesn't knit anymore due to arthritis. I had no idea how emotional this would get!

First was the set-the green case-of knitting needles & dpns given to her by grandpa-more explanation below with the close-up. Then the tote, which came from the dry goods business my other grandpa (my dad's dad) used to own. My dad also worked for him for years, as I did, and they finally went out of business when I was in junior high. My dream as a kid was to someday inherit the business.

Then, the needles, of which I had no clue of the sheer volume she had lol. I found out the ones in packages were given to my grandma by my aunt, who recently passed away. She was a huge packrat like myself and had worked for the dry good's when they went out of business. It is still really hard to believe she is gone, and it is unbelievable how much it means to me to have these from her.

Getting emotional now, but this is just too much, and I am so thankful for my Grandma and my family, and this great gift I got today.Posted by Hello

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Nicole said...

That is the best gift ever!