Monday, April 04, 2005

TV Dinners are

supposed to be easy to make, so why is the plastic part of the ordeal so tricky? Here you have this pre-packaged, quick dinner. Definitely not gourmet, but sometimes that cakey stuff just hits the spot. You take it out of the box and proceed to spend 20 minutes just in getting the plastic opened in the right spots and closed in others. Can they not serrate the edges around the compartments that need opening? But noooooo, you try to carefully cut open that square, until you get tired of it and decide to tear the rest open. Of course, invariably, you tear off half of another compartment that is supposed to stay covered. I'm not entirely sure that any of this actually matters in the outcome though. Especially when your corn has slid stealthily into the cake. Hmph.

Still going on the poncho, although my hands and forearms are tiyad! It has ended up somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 inches in width, and the farther I go, the heavier it gets, in spite of the yarn being fairly thin. It is very soft and yummy. I was starting to question how the striping would look in the end and had thoughts of turning it into a wrap, but I came to my senses and am going ahead as planned. This is one of those times I'm happy for my post-kids weight gain, as I won't be swimming in it.

I also started some Little Man nephew pants, using Dot's pattern for Drawstring Baby Pants
The problem is that I was going to use Bernat Cotton Tots, and had to adjust the hooks for gauge, and then realized I was really not liking that yarn to be used for little guy pants. I also had added around 7 stitches SIGH, so for now they are stuffed in a drawer. I am thinking I will retry with yarn to fit the pattern and go from there. Today I am googling for sweater patterns for the cotton tots. I should have enough of the yarn to do a sweater and hat, and possibly some booties. I may end up getting started on the star blanket instead though.

I am also hoping to get motivated to figure out the camera uploading problem, but really, I am just not seeing it happening today. We'll see!

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