Saturday, April 09, 2005

Ah Saturday

I had hoped the kids might surprise me and sleep in, but no such luck. They are all so excited about our day that was up by 7am. For the boys, it's off to grandma's for a sleepover complete with GOLF! For the girls and Mr. Blue and I, it's off to Omaha for a fun-filled birthday present day of Build a Bear, eating out, and probably a few other fun things.

I have been harboring a secret hope I could visit an actual LYS while there, but I don't know if Mr. Blue will be able to handle it, especially after we go dressing up bears. I could coerce the girls and we could vote and outnumber him, but that wouldn't be very nice. Sigh.

I finished a dishcloth last night, they are my handy little in between projects, for when I am needing a break from the current ones. I love my poncho, and cannot wait to finish it, but WOW are my forearms and hands tired. Hoping to get a lot done on the drive today.

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