Tuesday, April 12, 2005

April is such a crazy, busy month for us

I am not having NEARLY enough time to knit or crochet. Sigh. Mostly it's been confined to the school runs and picking up Mr. Blue from work, about the only times I get to sit still.

We had the girls' birthday, my brother's birthday, and Mr. Blue turns 31 tomorrow. My parents anniversary is coming up soon, AND we have our big trip to California at the end of the month. All of that along with me trying to get the house all organized is sending me over the edge after the edge I've already gone over.

Mr. Blue has requested a clean house for his birthday gift-if you saw the toy pile in the living room you would know this is more valuable than gold-so today is cleaning day, along with errand running day as mil will have the boys for me. AND I have a rheumatologist appt this afternoon. Of course it is a lovely, grey, rainy day that would be just perfect for getting cozy and knitting and reading the day away. Responsibilty calls though.

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