Thursday, April 07, 2005


Holy moly, it is so hard to believe!!!! Col and I went shopping yesterday to get them special birthday outfits, they were ADORABLE going off to school. The boys and I are going to go have lunch with them at school, they are are really excited for this, while i can't wait to see them I am dreading the school lunch. ;)

We are bringing cupcakes (Barbie) for their snack at school today, and later picking up a cake(Barbie) for the dinner with our parents tonight. On Saturday we are making a special trip to Omaha to Build a Bear workshop, wheeeeeee! The boys will be staying here with my parents, and the girls are VERY excited to be going to build a bear and having us all to themselves.

They also get birthday crowns at school and there was much discussion over whether the new headbands would interfere with the crowns. It's too much!

I finished the booties! Yeehaw! Being the pattern rebel that I am, I am very proud of myself for reading a pattern and sticking to it. Still working on the camera, but will take pics when I can!

Happy Birthday Abbie & Arenne!

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Rebecca said...

congratulations of finishing those booties!!! i'm giving my first pair a try later today. Happy Birthday to your girls!
(pssst... one of my boys will be 4 tomorrow - isn't it crazy how fast it goes?!)