Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy End of the Year!

Figured I should get on here at least once more before the end of the year.

No big updates, I've seen my nephrologist once since the MRIs, no big bad scary things on the MRI but I am waiting to see the neurologist in the beginning of January for details. It did show that I have arthritis in my lower back, no big surprise there. At least we know it isn't rheumatoid arthritis. Assuming the joint pain in the rest of my body is also more than likely arthritis.

For now I am keeping on with keeping on.

I have had rough days, but had some really great days over Christmas Eve and Christmas, which I was VERY thankful for. I had been worried about handling all of the holiday business without many opportunities for rest, but it went pretty well, all things considered. I seem to be paying for that now though, haven't been able to sleep much and today is pretty rough pain wise. We have decided to stay home and take it easy and try to get the house cleaned up. I'm also hoping to get some rest in this afternoon. Feel like crawling out my skin today and the pain is really uncomfortable. It'd be nice to just be able to wish it away.

Christmas was really wonderful, we had a great time and the kids were so much fun. I think the only thing better than experiencing Christmas as a kid is watching your own kids experience it. My sisters, brother, brother in law, and the little nephew man are all here so that rocks. Its been so good having us all here together and seeing them again. They're here through New Year's-one sister's birthday is on New Year's Eve, WOOHOOO!, so we'll all celebrate together.

I think this may now qualify as the most boring blog EVER, it may be worth it for the couple people reading to go just go ahead and re-read from the beginning, those are a bit more exciting.They are filled with a lot of yarn as well, and the reason I originally started this blog-as evidenced by the title.

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