Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MRIs, Blood tests-check

Yesterday was an afternoon full of MRIs. Four in all is what I was told. They asked if I would be able to lay that long and I replied its one of the things I CAN do right now. Thankfully no massive twitches or shake episodes. I did have one neck twitch, but thankfully it was during one of the shorter ones so I didn't have to go through two long ones twice. I was a little nervous beforehand, even though I know it won't hurt I am not a fan of closed in spaces. I was a bit panicky in the beginning but basically laid there and prayed and soon was relaxed.

Then it was off to get a ton of blood drawn for a lot of tests I don't know the names of or remember. This is why I have doctors.

Today I visit my rheumatologist-who I have not seen since before the big ER trip. I sort of assumed the info would be sent to him, but realized he may not even know I have a diagnosis. I've been seeing the genius nephrologist since he diagnosed me in the ER so there's been no need to go to the rheum.

Tomorrow afternoon I am back at the genius nephrologist, hopefully for some answers.

Thankfully the rest is doing me well and I am moving more easily STILL. Let's hope it keeps up.

It's now officially one week since the Mozzy Mania and I am glad to be doing better and not bent over and shuffling. I may or may not still mumble from time to time.

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