Friday, December 05, 2008


I saw the neurologist today, thankfully I did not have to get a spinal tap. I was very nervous about this. One of those was more than enough for me.

I did the usual rundown of strength, etc. tests. Pushing in all directions with hands, arms, feet, and legs; walking (hobbling) around; flipping my hand up and down on my other hand; touching my nose; and all that fun stuff. This was very disheartening for me as the last time I remember doing these things was in 2006 and I have really deteriorated since then. Not at all quick, much less strength, and a lot more give. Responding takes longer as well. I guess I knew these things, but seeing the difference in this way really got to me.

The short of it is that she added a few tests on to what my genius doctor had already ordered and we will see how the MRI and tests go before any decisions are made. She recommended I try physical therapy for the walking, but I will wait until after the tests for this as well. Also recommended I start seeing my rheum again. Haven't seen him since before the big ER visit.

The husband came with and did pretty well, I was glad to have him there and even happier that he didn't need to drive me straight home after a spinal. Whew. I know it is hard for him to see me go through this and that it scares him as well but he is trying not to let it show. I love him for it, but hope he talks to someone if not to me. It's a lot of worry and burden to hang on to. I love that he is there for me. I love that he makes me laugh in the middle of all this stuff and that he takes such good care of our kids and I don't have to worry about that.

Met up with a friend for lunch, good to catch up with her as I have missed her in my health-imposed solitude.

Still walking like Ozzy-or Mozzy as one of my daughters has named me (Mom + Ozzy) and wearing out really quickly. Putting in some hours today and relieved that I am able to do my own work instead of needing someone to do it for me.

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