Friday, January 02, 2009

welcome to 2009

Sometimes the fact that we are almost 10 years in the 2000's really surprises me. I'm sure part of it is not feeling as if I can possibly be the age I am.

The holidays were really fun for us at the Blue house, it was wonderful having all of my siblings home and hanging with the little nephew man who is so absolutely adorable and hilarious and awesome. Seeing my kids be so caring and fun with him was really great and I was very sad to leave them last night. It'd be nice if we all lived near each other, but for now we have to make the most of the time we're together-which we generally do.

I also took a good amount of down time from work, I didn't realize how much I needed it, but it's been very good for me. Nice spending the time with my family and children and just having fun with each other. Also had tons of my mom's delicious cooking which is always welcome and much enjoyed.

Then to today, where I forgot I had a doctor's appt. I completely and absolutely forgot. The husband had the car at work, I was home with the kids and I remembered late this afternoon that I was supposed to go to the neurologist at 11:30 today. This is not good and I now will have to call to see when they can get me in, and I hate missing appts and wasting people's time.

My body has been moving fairly decently with only some mild hiccups. I did have a twitch/jerk episode in front of my sisters' which they haven't really seen before, but they handled it well and just went right on with the conversation. I love that they know me well enough to do this for me, and that they didn't need me to explain or anything. My mind has not been working as well though-as evidenced by the missed doctor's appt. It's just not as sharp, I am losing words more frequently and unable to remember details. Almost as if I am in a fog.

I usually play some online word games or puzzle games to sort of exercise my brain, I haven't really researched whether this has been researched to be helpful but I am pretty sure I read somewhere that it was. It seems to help at least. But, I don't have the drive to even try them right now, its too much work.

I have had days where I could almost forget I have a disease. It is really, really freeing and I am happy to have them. It was nice to not be constantly reminded that I am a *gasp* sick person. I was around family who didn't ask me all the time how I was, who didn't expect me to explain anything, and just accepted me how I was. I had good days physically. I am trying to keep these things at the top of the list and be thankful for them instead of getting sucked down by the bad.

So far, a pretty good start to 2009. No Ozzy shuffling, no inability to walk, not as much pain. Hoorah!

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