Friday, January 23, 2009

post from 1-21-09

I wrote the following on 1-21-09, but blogger was down for maintenance and I am finally getting around to adding it. :)

So, the brain is not working well again today. I am losing words and even forgetting what I am saying mid-sentence. *poof* it's just gone. It's hard to concentrate on anything or form thoughts, or really read anything. Gets frustrating.

I very much again wish I had the digital camera as yesterday I received a really cool gift. It's our last name, crocheted with crochet thread and it is beautiful. My friend had her sister make it and then she set it on black velvet and framed it. I was really overwhelmed by it, it is gorgeous and I was very touched by the gift. Can't wait to put it up on the wall in our newish house.

I am still around, still working with the yarn, and hoping to be able to think a little better tomorrow.

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