Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not ANOTHER shot!

So, my white blood count has dropped again. It's not as severe as last time, but it's low so I am back on the neupogen. At least it is only one time a week. So two shots once a week with CBC to monitor me.

Yesterday's epogen shot really hurt, they haven't been as painful, or so I thought. Maybe I was just used to the pain from having them so often and now that I am on one a week I am noticing more?

Congested and stuffed up again BLEH, BLECH. I am learning that remission does not equal feeling healthy and great, more that it is better but still with issues and pain.

On the yarn side I have finished a washcloth for each of the kids, but I haven't gotten pics yet. I started a shawl/poncho. The pattern is for an asymmetrical poncho but it doesn't seem wide enough so it might be a shawl in the end. I am trying to make up some things to sell for an upcoming craft fair, but I'm not sure I will have enough time. We'll see.

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