Sunday, March 09, 2008

Influenza, you have won.

It was a bitter battle and influenza has won. Completely and totally kicked my behind and I am down for the count. I slept much of the day away, aside from kid interruptions including the youngest rolling all over me, and am up briefly to take some medicine and have some soup before crashing again.

Listen, folks. I am trying to keep my spirits up. I want to be celebrating my newfound remission. Instead I am sick...AGAIN. Highly irritating.

On a nice note a friend went in to help organize my office where things have been piled on my desk waiting for my return-as I work in a church people often feel they have free reign in there-. Since I've been sick (or children have) for three weeks and counting there were massive piles everwhere. I've been given a new bookshelf, other shelves and organizers, and a cleared off desk. It feels like one of those makeover shows on hgtv. Now if I could just get well enough to actually be in said office.


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