Saturday, March 22, 2008

Little by little

Everyday is a little better, thank goodness!!! I actually worked a full eight hour day (actually about ten total). Of course I then had to recover and am wiped out and in more pain, but I'll keep on chugging. The influenza cold crap seems a little worse, hopefully it is just part of the natural course but we're keeping an eye on it. I am tired of it though.

I've found a group about my condition-called Polyarteritis Nodosa, or PAN for short. I am so happy to have found it, it's a tremendous resource. The members are people like myself, family members, and doctors and nurses. It's really great to have found a group of people with so much knowledge and support.

I was getting some crocheting and knitting done everyday as well but have had a few days of a break from it, not on purpose but I've just been too tired. A friend is setting up a crafter show and has asked if I would be interested in having some things in it, so I need to get my behind in gear and make some stuff. Wheee!

Holy week is a busy one in my job so between work, home, and my illness it's about all I do.

Last night we had our Good Friday service, with a traditional tenebrae service. It was very beautiful and moving and sad. After each of the candles were extinguished a toll was sounded and we ended with a prayer at the front of the church, around the altar in front of the cross, and they ended with the sound of a door shutting-to symbolize the closing of the tomb. I was very moved by all of it, and was glad to see more people there than our last few Lenten services. Hopefully in true form we will have even more for Easter services. It's really interesting to be in on the inner workings with my job. I've grown up in the church but I didn't realize all of the many things I didn't know and still have yet to learn.

I'll end with my five year old's interpretation of Jesus from the children's sermon on Maundy Thursday (announced to the entire church), "Jesus was born in a manger and grew up and helped people and then he got dead." Now when this child speaks up in public my husband and I cringe, just waiting to hear what will come out of his mouth. This time I wasn't sure how to react, and in true sap form I have to admit I was a little moved at his understanding even if got dead isn't the best way to say it.

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My mother has PAN disease also. I am sure you share the same symptoms. Contact me if you want @