Friday, March 07, 2008

Definitely in remission!

I am officially in remission!!! I saw my doctor yesterday and it is official. I will stay on certain meds long-term, although it would be nice to go off the prednisone and some others! I also will continue to follow my diet and take my blood pressure medicine. At the moment I am fighting this flu that is running rampant through my house, but I am miles better than I was a week ago. I also will continue the epogen shots as my red blood cells are not where they should be. Interestingly I did not realize the epogen stung because I had gotten them with the neuprogen and the pain from those overshadowed the stinging.

Now for the yarn! I had been miserable and was having a huge loll on the crochet/knitting front. I decided to do some washcloths to try to kickstart things. Here are the results! The kids have requested washcloths with their names on them, that will be the next project, along with finishing all the hats I have due. The heart cloth is from Nicole's pattern, found here.

It is very, very nice to be feeling so much better.

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