Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Operation Evict Teddy

has commenced.

Apparently Teddy is not only a huge pain in the gut, he's also REALLY greedy. I'm on tons of iron to boost my blood levels and Teddy is hogging much of it. My uterus is growing insanely. I know it's used to the whole expansion thing, but come on!

I went back to the doc last week and I was already 18 weeks. I've been measuring myself around, right over my belly button and I'm averaging an inch a day. That.is.a.lot.of.growing. I now look full-on pregnant and many people look at me with that "They're having ANOTHER one!?!" look. It's also sort of weird to explain to people, especially those I haven't seen in awhile or just know but don't really know. "You see I've got this fibroid I've named Teddy and apparently it's really growing..."

I'M A FREAK! But in a not so good way as I've always been. In a Look at my appendix in this jar way. Sigh.

Teddy will be evicted on July 7th. Thank goodness.

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