Saturday, June 03, 2006

The heat is here.

Whew has it been hot here, in the 90's. As both of cars need the air conditioned fixed-a fact we can ignore all those cold winter months-I should be losing tons of weight just sweating while I drive places. But I'm not.

Today I had a girls day with Abbie & Arenne, we went to lunch and then with my mom for manicures and pedicures. I had a great time with the girls and then really enjoyed the massage chair while I had my pedicure. Very relaxing. I chose a bright orangey color, it's too bad I don't have any sort of tan to go with it. Tomorrow we are heading to a pool party and I need a swimsuit and I am hoping people aren't blinding by my either my orange nails or my whiteness. The kids are all excited to show off all their swimming lesson skills, woohooo!

My sisters were home with their significant others AND my little nephew man who is quite the chunka munka and actually has a darker tan than all the rest of us lol. Must be the California sun. He is such a sweet, funny, happy, gorgeous little guy, I am completely smitten. My sister and the nephew stayed on an extra week, everyone else had to get back for their jobs, it was so good to have the extra time with them. Although now that I have the whole job thing I wasn't able to just pick up and go as I have in the past.

On the yarn front I FINALLY got the purses to my aunt, and she loved them, I am so happy. WOOHOOO! As I take after her on the procrastination front it was all good. ;) I am finishing up sewing on the pocket of the purse for my grandma, this thing is HUGE and GINORMOUS unfelted, I so have to take pics before and after of it. Can't wait to see how it turns out after felting. I'm also working on another star blanket and need to re-felt my sister's purse, pray that I can get to go back to being a little bigger. I could kick myself for not checking it during that last felt. ARRGH!

Man I wish I had one of those pedicure chairs in my house. The back massager, the comfiness of it, the whole foot spa/bath aaaaaah, heaven. My mom and I are now plotting weekly trips after work on Fridays and scheming on getting a nice bottle of wine from my friend's liquor store next door to enjoy as well. The girls at the nail place were up for it, yeehaw. That's the way to start off the weekend. Maybe I'll even have to start having knitting/crochet groups there or something. Can you imagine? A pedicure in a massage chair with a good bottle of whine while yarning away the hours? Wowza.

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