Friday, June 16, 2006

My uterus has superpowers.

Or thank God I'm learning what the hell is wrong with me!

The absent blogger returns to follow up one depressing health posting with another, but at least it's a bit more positive.

So I've got this fibroid, affectionately known as Teddy the Tumah. (of course you say it like Ahnald silly!) We first saw Teddy back in 1999 during my first ultrasound with the girls. As I practically lived at the ob's office for the next few years we had frequent views of Teddy and he was a good little fibroid as he only grew during pregnancy. Except for that darkside he had that made my periods awful and horrible and just downright not okay, but hey, I'm tough.

Apparently since the birth of Big C back in 2002 Teddy has been a little busier than I thought. My uterus is the size of a 15 week pregnancy. A 15 week pregnancy of a woman who has had children. (Yes this makes a difference as once your uterus and body stretch out to gargantuan proportions they more easily and quickly do so in subsequant pregnancies, or fibroid housings.)

I used to refer to the ole uterus as the condo. Apparently the neighborhood has gone a bit downhill. They could not get a picture of Teddy in his entirety with the ultrasound I had this week, he's a big 'un. The bad part of this is that my blood count is VERY low, like scary low-the kind that even freaks out the nurses and doctors.

This uterus must come out. They were able to buy me a bit of time to increase my blood levels and prepare to have surgery by giving me a shot of Depo-Provera in my BUTT and putting me on major iron pills and I am having lots of iron in my diet. I go back next week where we will schedule the surgery. The surgery that will put me out of commission for about 6 weeks and make me go through major pain but will ultimately free me from this whole pain/crazy health shit rollercoaster. At least I hope so. PLEASE let Teddy be the cause of all that's been happening.

I did have an MRI yesterday, no news, the doctor will read the results and get back to me, but Teddy gives me hope that it's not something scary like strokes or MS or any of that other stuff and purely the offshoots of an overgrown fibroid.

It's funny that now I can look back and think HOW did I not figure this out sooner?!?!? My mom tells me she felt the same way when they found Harry. My siblings and I have named Harry, who was apparently some sort of growth sort of like one of those stone babies who had hair and teeth and all that jazz but also caused my mom a whole bunch of problems. I like to say that Teddy takes after his Uncle Harry and is just as close to his mother.

Hysterectomy here I come and please, after the hell of recovery let me be amazingly free of all of the rest of this crap.

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