Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Life has a funny way

of letting you know you can't hide from the big stuff.

I've been hiding from the whole health side of things, tired of not getting any answers, of not being better, frustrated with all of it. Yesterday at work I had another "episode." The left side, which has been slightly numb since the first incident in 2004, went REALLY numb yesterday, and much more tingly-like when your foot falls asleep but worse-and I couldn't really move my hand or make it work. Scary stuff, but it's happened before. My doc sent me to the ER where I was checked out and pronounced coherent and okay aside from the whole left side of me being numb thing and I go back to the rheumatologist where I will go through a whole new round of brain scans and tests and all sorts of other fun things.


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