Thursday, November 17, 2005

Work is seriously

cutting into my freetime, sheesh.

I'm here! The first scarf is done, except for the weaving of ends and I am at least half done with the second. Plain old regular knitting, cruising along, aaaah. I felted the first of the six purses and am working on the second. I foresee a HUGE GINORMOUS knitting/crocheting fest to get them all done. Wheee.

Tonight a freak accident in the Blue household led to a large gash/laceration in my five year old's cheek. I rushed home from work, bundled him up and dashed him off to urgent care, while Mr. Blue stayed home with the other three. The Bubby Man was brave and stoic after his initial tears, as the doctor fixed him up with some fancy schmancy glue in place of stitches, much to my evident relief. I am so proud of my Bubs, he was much more brave than many have been. That child is such an old soul and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to know him, and have him as my child. He is not as old a soul as to not be impressed by having his cheek glue back together. ;)

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